When you have spent serious money on outsourced software and you own the code but are not able to read it, then Dolphin Engineering will be the right partner to determine whether you spent your money in the intended way.

These days outsourcing is part of the game and value for money is what we all aim for. And even though your software supplier seems to be the right choice, there just may be times when you want a second opinion to check whether it all is as good as you would like it to be.

Dolphin Engineering has worked in and on multi-site soft- and hardware development and has seen different software-quality standards over the world, ranging from CMM5 software to unstructured and unreadable gibberish.

Dolphin Engineering has worked with teams in India, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, England, Hungary and of course the Netherlands. Many of these sites have been visited by Dolphin Engineering.

With English 'in the pocket' and a good understanding of French and German, Dolphin Engineering can easily team-up with any software team on this globe.