To get an idea of our customers here's a short list:

  • ASML : Motion control, machine calibration software and performance analysis
  • Hytorc : System development for calibration of heavy duty torque wrenches and hydraulic pumps
  • Prodrive : Motion control
  • Philips : Lighting, Laser-sensors, DVD-recorders, HDMI, USB, Feasibility studies for digital systems
  • Marel - Stork Poultry Processing : OS9000 to Real Time Embedded Linux transition
  • Marel - Townsend Further Processing : Modbus TCP
  • Stork - OS9 to OS9000 transition and several control modules
  • The Industree / BarcoNet : Cablemodem software
  • Eware - Modbus TCP on Olimex microcontroller
  • etc.

A complete list of customers and projects can be found on the linkedin profile of T.J. Scheffel.