Every company and every project has different ways of working, sometimes in the details but many times in 'the big picture'.

Since 1999 Dolphin Engineering has worked in the following ways on several different CMMi levels:

- Agile / SCRUM

- Waterfall / V-Model

- As in the tune 'all by myself'.

Dolphin Engineering favours the Agile / SCRUM method, but only when sprint-planning encompasses architecture and quality related features as well.

On more than one project seen by Dolphin Engineering the architecture and quality-steps were left out to try to save time

(and that just kicks you in the b.. sooner or later..).

Regarding CMMi operation: The level the company should be willing to achieve is also a matter of development-team-size.

Dolphin has seen level 3 to be a good one to be in in general.

Having lived to see a few ways of working Dolphin Engineering is confident to state to be able to fit in and also point you in the right direction of improvement !