Out of technical interest Dolphin Engineering was started.

The eagerness to master real-time embedded software engineering in all its aspects kickstarted Dolphin Engineering.

Nowadays both new products and new product-development-tools come out all the time.

In order to keep the pace one needs to be eager to learn new things.

Since we only have 24 hours in a day and we need to both keep up with new techniques and to keep the lady happy, some of the learning has to be done in the daytime.

Many bureaus state they invest in knowledge but don't deliver; for daytime is expensive.

It's Dolphins firm believe that one can only keep up with new technologies if one is at the front line of it and one is willing to invest both time and money in understanding / mastering new technology.

Therefore Dolphin invests in knowledge as needed.

This means that when a new project starts the specific needs are assessed and proper training / education will be done.

At present it is hard to find new employees capable of fulfilling your professional needs.


For any professional it is impossible to know it all.

For every professional it is possible to have the eagerness to learn it all.

Eagerness now has a name: ' Dolphin Engineering '