Dolphin Engineering has been around a bit, and has added value in the following products for its customers:

  • An HDMI driver was made for a DVD videorecorder of a famous dutch electronics brand
  • 24/7 production is controlled in a few hundred factories around the world with Dolphin Engineering software in key parts of the control
  • Some DALI products hold our software (used for e.g. large building Lighting)
  • Quite a few DVD recorder product-ranges were factory-tested by software partly made by Dolphin Engineering
  • Software was made for the ZigBee-control of LED lamps used in the livingroom (for a famous Dutch Lighting company)
  • Our software resides in PIC-controller controlled LED-panels for production facilities
  • Dolphin's software is part of cable modem control
  • This list will grow towards software for Lithography systems from you-know-who
  • ..